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Cleo Miele

Since being in grade school, I have always loved reading and writing. I was the kid walking around with a giant book at all times to read whenever I finished my work, and also the student that took too long making edit marks on other peoples' papers when we traded essays. This love of the written word naturally blossomed into an acuity for finding errors to fix in everything from other people's essays to restaurant menus! 

Although I sustained my penchant for reading and writing, I chose to pursue my other passion in college and got my bachelor's degree in music education. I teach my students to play orchestral string instruments by day and proofread by night! 

When I'm not teaching or proofreading, I love to cook delicious food, play video games, play violin or bass, and spend time with my husband and our two adorable (but mischievous) cats.

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