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Thorough Proofreading Service

As we read through our own writing projects, our brains often fill in the grammatical gaps that are present because we already know what we intend to convey. Having a second pair of trained eyes on your document is an invaluable asset to ensure it is of the highest quality.


When you send me your document, I will give it a thorough and meticulous treatment to correct or suggest improvements to:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Syntax

  • Capitalization

  • Word repetition

  • Consistency of spelling and grammar

  • Subject-verb agreement

I follow the style guidelines outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.

Copy Editing Service

In addition to proofreading, I also offer copy editing services by request. Most of my clients opt for both! While proofreading focuses on the technical aspect of writing, including only the changes necessary for the text to be grammatically correct, copy editing is more involved with the semantics of writing. 

Copy editing does not involve me making changes to the content of your document; that is a role reserved for developmental editors. Rather, I will make small revisions to your existing content to help you phrase it in a way that is clear, concise, and consistent with the rest of your text all while maintaining your voice as an author.


If you request copy editing, in addition to the proofreading points listed above, I will also:

  • Make small changes to enhance the clarity and flow of your text

  • Assess your word choice and make suggestions for improvement

  • Remove "filler" words, phrases, or sentences

  • Restructure paragraphs or sections of the text as needed

  • Give feedback regarding repetitive words/phrases

  • Give feedback regarding sections of the text I think could be reduced, rephrased, or expanded upon

  • Give feedback regarding the consistency of your style

  • Give feedback on any other specific aspect you would like me to focus on

My rates for copy editing are higher than for proofreading alone, as the process is more in-depth and requires more time to complete. 

Please note: I will not write original content, entirely rewrite content, fact-check content, perform anti-plagiarism checks, or complete any other service on your document other than what is described above.


Before you pay anything for my services, I will ask you to send me a sample of 500 words from your work that I will send back to you with the full proofreading and/or copy editing treatment so that you can see what the results will be like. If you feel that I am a good fit for your project, we can then proceed with the full project!

The cost for me to proofread and/or copy edit your document will depend on several factors: the word count, how technical the text is, the timeline for delivery, and if I am proofreading only or also providing copy editing services.


For a short- to medium-length project such as an essay or blog post, I am able to return most projects under 25,000 words within 5 business days. If you need your document back within a certain time frame, I can offer faster delivery for an increased fee based on the size of the project.

For longer projects such as book manuscripts, turnaround time could take anywhere from two to four weeks depending on the length of your project. To receive a quote from me, let me know your needs such as how soon you will need it completed, if there is a certain style guide you would like me to use, whether you need proofreading only or proofreading and copy editing, etc. and I will let you know how much the total cost will be.


If you have a question about a change I have made to your document after I've returned it to you, I am happy to answer any questions you may have and offer one revision. 

For more information about the process, visit my FAQ page!

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