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"Acceptance! At last!

After so many publishers’ rejections, I was ecstatic to receive my first acceptance notice today. And I put it down to Cleo adding her editorial talents to ‘tweak’ the piece into the acquisition editor’s favour.

Along with her competence and knowledge of the industry, she brought the virtues of empathy and timeliness to the task. Cleo embraced the essence of the piece and worked on it with me, as if sitting beside me at the computer to have to ready to meet the submissions deadline the next day.

Result? Acceptance!

Thank you, Cleo, you are not a proofreader, you are a star proofreader, and more!

For those writers who are floundering under a sea of rejection notices, who need the added touch of a professional who can turn the work around, without hesitation, I recommend the services of Cleo Miele.

Thanks again, Cleo, this one has to be down to you!"

Captain Peter Thomson

Author of Drive For Freedom

"Cleo's edits were very thorough. She spotted many run-on sentences and misplaced commas (the bane of my writing). Her suggestions helped me tighten up the story and trim some dead-wood from the text." 

P.J. Lightning

Fantasy Author

"Cleo Miele did a great job editing my manuscript! I really appreciated her added suggestions, which helped me grow as a writer and improve my story. "

Amrita G.

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